Director • Cinematographer • Editor

Mary Haverstick

Mary Haverstick is a director, writer, cinematographer and editor. She embraces all aspects of artistic and technical production and believes deeply in the power of independent cinema as one of the last vestiges of true in depth reporting and storytelling.


Mary is best known for her narrative feature films, having last directed Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden in the critically acclaimed feature film HOME. The Last Horsemen of New York is Mary's first full length documentary. Filming with a shoestring crew allowed her to go back to a first love, working directly hands on with the camera.

Mary co-founded Haverstick & Mercure, an indie film production company. The Last Horsemen of New York is her fourth feature length film at the helm.

Michele Mercure

Michele Mercure is a composer, electronic music pioneer and film producer.

She co-founded a production company, Haverstick & Mercure, and has produced films starring Oscar and Tony winning actors. The Last Horsemen of New York is Michele's first feature documentary production. On a small team that wore many hats, Michele found herself composing, producing and location sound recording on the production.

Her score to the film is just gorgeous and is sure to please her musical fans. Michele's electronic music is now being recognized internationally and is featured on RVNG Records.

Producer • Composer


Sarah is a business and media entrepreneur who has dedicated her professional career to working behind the scenes to champion business development and good causes for both public and private entities. 

While producing The Last Horsemen of New York, Sarah ran the production's NYC office.  Her degree in political science, her network, and her natural interest in government allowed her to keep a finger on the pulse of breaking news from City Hall for the production. 

Sarah is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Alda Communication Training Company based in New York City.

Sarah Chase

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